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We are dedicated to providing the best experience for each guest through our exceptional service and technical excellence. Polish Spa in Des Moine WA 98198  with a comfortable and friendly place where you can truly relax, rejuvenate, and be pampered from tip to toe. We understand that safety and a sanitized setting are keys to delivering unforgettable and enjoyable experiences. We use disposable liners for our pedicure chairs, brand new nail files, and buffers for every client and discard them after each treatment. Each service kit will be individually sterilized for your visit. Our staff will follow the service procedures that have been proven effective for your safety so that you can one hundred percent lavish yourself in comfort.

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Customers Review

Winter Friend | Clients

Been coming here for a couple of years, always gotten great nails. There is a new manager, who is incredibly kind and has changed the whole vibe of the salon! It’s refreshing and fun. Amy is AMAZING, so friendly and attentive to what you want your nails to look like. Can’t wait for my next appointment!

Sharon Monje | Clients

They always do an excellent job. The manicurists know various techniques and they keep themselves up to date. The facility is always clean and sanitized. They have taken great prevention measures against Covid. There’s a screen in between who works in your nails and you. They always wear masks and they’re also really friendly. The prices are a little high for the area, but completely worth it for the final outcome. These pictures are just a little example of their job, they are great at everything they do.

simone thompson | Clients

Been a customer since day one. The ambiance, workmanship and friendliness has greatly evolved over the years. Highly recommend.